Pest Control Services

Cockroach Control


Cockroaches’ presence in business environment poses a real threat of food contamination, damage to stored items and business reputation. Additionally, the health hazards associated with this disease-spreading pest are a real concern for homeowners too.

Finding cockroaches in your house or business can be very disgusting work.We know that cockroach infestations can be a common problem for our country homeowners and business owners. They breed very fast and a small infestation can quickly become a large-scale infestation. It is highly recommended to contact a pest control company with state-licensed Technicians like Asian Pest Control to effectively control a cockroach problem.

To get rid of this problem we have a great service. We give different kinds of medicines which stay stable for many months.

Rodent Control

Rodents are an outfit of raid pests that includes mice, rats, and squirrels. These animals can defile food, damage property, and spread disease. The rodents that most often come into fray with people in Bangladesh.

They are warm-blooded mammals like humans, can be set throughout the world. They have oversized front teeth for champing and check teeth that are adjusted for masticating. Rodents chew on a diversity of sections are available to them and cause massive damage in and around homes.

Rodent control in bd owes a majority of their survival success to their ability to adapt to totally different habitats. They are opportunist food scavengers and can consume most varieties of food. If a definite food supply runs out, they are probably to adapt to a brand new food source.

We have such expert team of rodent control service in Dhaka, Bangladesh that they can handle any tough rodents for you.


Snake Control


If you have found a snake residing in your home and want it removed, it’s smart that you’ve contacted Asian pest control for snake control in bd services. Snakes, or perhaps one snake, in or around your home or workplace may be very dangerous. When a snake enters a home or workplace or threatens the protection of someone or a pet, then snake removal is important.

There are some key reasons that should prompt you to hire us for a snake removal job. If you encounter a Rattlesnake in your home, you’re immediately at risk of being bit by its venomous fangs. They post more serious threats to pets and children. If they are in your home because of a food source like mice or birds, they may end up carrying bacteria with them to other places in your home.

If you’ve got a snake on your property, you might just want to leave it alone. It’ll be on its way. Or you can call professionals to have it removed.

Lizard Control

Naphthalene balls are very effective for Lizard Control. They keep bugs and insects away and in turn drive away lizards. They don't only belong in cupboards and cotton cloths, they can be put near your grills, window meshes and so on to keep lizards away. Lizards do not like their smell and are repelled by it.

Lizards are opportunistic. Gardens, ponds and streams allow populations to prosper. Sprinkler systems will deliver enough water to keep any lizard happy and this leads to many taking up residence along outside foundation walls. Most species of lizards in North America are harmless and eat small insects. Vegetation such as shrubs and flowers are excellent nesting areas for many types. These same plants can become a target for lizards that will find them to be a great source of water during dry spells or in arid regions when water is sparse.


Flies Control


Naturally when a person sees flies around, it is certain for that person to perceive the area as unhygienic. Flies are transmitters of diseases because they feed on human and animal wastes, carcasses and garbage. Besides being a nuisance, some fly species bite and pose serious health risks.

Flies spread diseases because of their breeding and feeding habits. Bacteria from where the fly usually feed on would get stuck on their mouthparts and footpads eventually spreading onto places they land on. Imagine if it’s exposed food that you are about to eat.

Using a professional fly control service is the most effective way to remediate flies from your property.

Bed Bug Control

The common Bed Bug is an unusually tolerant insect, generally, Bed Bug will part survive very high dose treatments. They unfold principally by baggage and clothing of travelers and guests, bedding and furnishings. infrequently. Bed Bugs eggs and larvae don’t die. If you’ve got bedbugs, your infestation will degenerate terribly quickly. Since a feminine bed bug will disable to 5 eggs per day and up to around five hundred eggs in her life. Since it takes solely 5 weeks for hatched nymphs to grow to maturity, your issues may expand exponentially within a comparatively short amount of your time, and infestations will be hard to manage.

So Bed Bug removal jobs often want multiple pest management services. Asian pest control BD persecutor keeps that in mind, we are forever ready to try and do multiple services in our package services deal. Asian pest control BD pest takes each precaution to make sure you get the most effective Bed Bug management Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Termite Control


If you love to keep beautiful wooden furniture at home, then termites are by far your greatest enemies. These are one of the intrusive insects that love to feast on wooden materials. They can destroy any of your wood furniture by feeding the wood away. The queen of the termites lay hundreds of eggs a day and so their number increases on a rapid speed. In fact, termites are often noted as white ants. An insect queen will be from half-an-inch to a full in long. Termites like to inhabit damp and dusty surfaces. That, in fact, should be a great cause of concern for all of us. Now, the best thanks to getting eliminate the termites are by using chemical-based Anti-Termite Control in bd solutions.

As professional Pest control Operators, we have the knowledge, the experience, the materials and the equipment to protect your furniture or home against termite damage. So, if you need any Termite control in bd service you can contract with us. Because we provide the best pest control service in Bangladesh.

Mosquitoes Control

Mosquitos can be called as a bloodsucker pests which carries different types of germs of diseases in our body. So to defeat this tiny but strong enemy you need to avail a skillful mosquito control service. We demand to be the best mosquito control service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh due to our skill on it. Asian pest control bd is proud to offer affordable, effective mosquito control in bd solutions for both residential and commercial clients so you can beat the bloodsuckers and enjoy being outside again.

As an experienced outdoor pest control service, Asian pest control bd features a variety of services perfect for transforming your yard into a peaceful place for you and your family. Our most well-liked treatment could be a barrier spray treatment that protects your yard for up to a few weeks at a time. We also offer an all-natural mosquito control treatment option that repels mosquitoes for two weeks at a time.