About Asian Pest Control

Asian pest control BD is one of the leading pest control service providers in Bangladesh. Ever since we started to render pest control services, we have been serving various types of customer including residential, industrial etc. We are proud to say that we hold ample customers in Dhaka who are truly satisfied with our services. Our secret lies in our priority given to our customers. From the moment we pick up the phone, you will immediately know the difference. We render a customized solution to each of our customers with great care. We use non-toxic components not to cause any harm or side effects whatsoever.

Asian pest control has professional teams who hold vast knowledge on respective cases. We are committed to eliminating the pests from their sources. If the problem arises again, the responsibility is on us. We also offer free home inspection which is included in the services. Our teams have undergone rigorous training to gain a deep understanding of pest infestation. Our team combined with effective products are what you need for eliminating any type of pests.

Company Profile


Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the best “Pest Control” service company in our industry. Our mission is to protect you, your family and your valuable assets with highly trained pest management professionals. Our primary concern will be safety and care of all personnel and the environment during the execution of our tasks. To be a leading provider of top quality pest control service by offering professionally managed pest control technicians.


To make quality pest control services available to all, operating with reliability, effectiveness, customer-orientation and great value for money through science and technology. Asian Pest control will be the leading pest control business with the highest level of customer service and professionalism by 2020.


Gel Placement for Cockroaches at Hotel, House, Factories etc.


Residual Spraying at Warehouse, out side and inside of Hotel & Houses


Breeding (Larva) Place treatment by spraying, ULV at water Stagnent place

Pest Control Service

Our Services


Cockroach Control

Cockroach control by spraying & Gel treatment of Hotel, House, Office & Restaurant etc.


Rodent Control

Rodent control by Glue board, Snap trap & Bromodialin position at house, office, factory, restaurant, hotel etc.


Snake Control

Snake repellant by Acid & powder chemical treatment at out side of Hotel, House, Office Factory etc.


Lizard Control

Lizard control by – spraying & Glue treatment at House, Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen etc.


Flies Control

Flies control by Bait placement & Trapping.


Bed Bug Control

Bed bug control by spraying & Hot moisture at Train, Ship, Hotel, Motel, House etc.


Termite Control

Termite control by: Residual Spraying (Drilling, Injection, Trenching at pre-construction & post construction of building, wooden frame etc.


Mosquitoes Control

Adult Mosquitoes Control by Fogging at out side of Hotel, House, Garden etc.